Peru, Iquitos – Exploring the Amazon

Iquitos is linked to the outside world by air and by river only. It’s the worlds largest city that can’t be accessed by road.

We flew in to Iquitos from Lima.

We went there so we could access the mighty Amazon river.

There’s plenty going on in the city and there are loads of decent restaurants but because of it’s location everything has to be imported so costs tend to be a bit higher.

The ‘Yellow Rose of Texas’ restaurant is worth a visit, it has a very eclectic interior and the food is very good.

Yellow Rose

It’s also worth visiting the Pilpintuwasi Butterfly Farm which is also the home of the Amazon Animal Orphanage. It’s located in Padre Cocha which is on the Nanay river so you will need to take a boat to access it.

Make sure your boat driver takes you to the right butterfly farm!

Here’s a message that currently appears on the original Pilpintuwasi butterfly farms web site:

For Our Visitors: Please know that a previous employee of the refuge has recently set up a new butterfly house and is offering boat-drivers commission to take visitors to this alternative centre rather than the real Pilpintuwasi. The true centre offers homes to a number of rescued animals in addition to the butterfly house. 

Iquitos shack

View of the river at Padre Cocha.


Having a wander around Padre Cocha.

Snake skin

Drying out snake skins in the sun.

JV Snake

Me and a very large Anaconda. I couldn’t stand upright because it was so heavy.

Pepe bird

Pepe the very colourful and friendly bird.


A very cute Manatee at the Amazon Rescue Centre. I didn’t realise how soft to the touch these animals are.

Smiling fish

Hello. Please feed me.

Arrow man

I bet the first thing you looked at was his hair??

My mate

My little mate.

Inca Cola

I drank gallons of this stuff.

Here’s a screen shot of some of the photographs I took while I was in Peru / Amazon:

Peru Amazon Screenshot

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Borneo – Bako National Park – Editing the days takings in my pants and other animals



I was in the jungle and it was very hot and sticky in there.

The accommodation at Bako wasn’t very salubrious as you can see.

Bako shower

Bako accommodation

I hope things have improved since I was last there. Sometimes you just have to slum it when you are on the road. To be fair the lodge we moved to the next night was a bit better.

There was an almighty storm the night these photo’s were taken and the electricity supply kept cutting out. I seem to remember Serena and I spent the evening playing Travel Scrabble by torch light.

The next day the weather cleared up a bit but we were plagued by Monkeys on our porch.

Monkey bra
Here’s a kinky Monkey sniffing Serena’s bra.

Snake Bako
We also had Sammy Snake slithering outside our lodge.

You also get very large and dangerous saltwater Crocodiles in the sea and mangroves surrounding Bako National Park. Unfortunately we didn’t see any but they are there.


There was a slight squeaky bum moment when the boat that dropped us off at Bako moored about 50 feet from the shore meaning we had to wade in to the beach. I felt sure I was being watched by a big salty under the murky sea water so i didn’t hang around.

There’s also loads of Proboscis monkeys knocking around so there’s plenty of wildlife to see. We had one that hung around the back of our lodge for a while. We also had a family of Wild Boars that used to visit us on a regular basis.

Wild Boars

I can really recommend Bako National Park it’s well worth the visit.

Here’s a screen grab of some of the photographs I took in Borneo:

Borneo Screen Shot

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