Borneo, Sabbah – Shooting inside an Iban Longhouse


I had a great day visiting this Longhouse in Sabbah, Borneo.

One of the joys of travelling around the world is seeing how other people live on a day to day basis. In this particular Longhouse there were several generations of families all living together under one roof.


The Iban people made me feel very welcome. I was offered some traditional food and some very strong alcohol which nearly stripped out the lining of my throat but I still drank it to be sociable.

While I was there a group of elders were teaching some children how to weave.

Weaving - Iban - Longhouse - Borneo

The children seemed to be very happy and carefree.

Kid - Iban Longhouse - Borneo


Longhouse - Door - Borneo

Bag of skulls - Longhouse - Borneo

Yes, it’s a bag of real human skulls; and no headhunting is not a practice the Iban people do today but it is something their ancestors did over 100 years ago.

Here’s a screen grab of some of the photographs I took in Borneo:

Borneo Screen Shot

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