Nepal – Kathmandu

It was heartbreaking to see the devastation wreaked upon Kathmandu after the 7.8 magnitude earthquake in April 2015. It killed over 8000 people and injured more than 21000 and hundreds of years of historical buildings were destroyed.

Thankfully our guide ‘Puspa’ who is based in Kathmandu who lead us across the Himalayas on the Annarpurna Trek was ok.

Many of the buildings and sites in and around Kathmandu that you will see in these snapshots and on my portfolio web site are now sadly no longer there.

Kathmandu 1





Nepal jv



Here’s a screen grab of some of the photographs I took in Kathmandu:


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Nepal, Himalayas – Annapurna Base Camp Trek

We spent the best part of ten days trekking through the Himalayas on a journey to the Annapurna Base Camp. It was an amazing experience and I lost about a stone along the way which was a major bonus.

I know we felt a major sense of achievement when we completed our trek.


Our Journey

JV - Annapurna

Being chased by a big angry cloud.

JV Annapurna Flags

Checking the exposure. Praise the Lord for digital SLR’s.


My favourite time of the day – feeding time


Photo time


What a view, even with the clouds in the way


The weather can change very quickly in the Himalayas


Watch out for Yeti’s!

Feck Off

FECK OFF! It’s too early.

Serena - Fashion

Fashion clearly goes out the window on the Annapurna Trek. We’ve still got that blanket though – it’s very warm and the cat likes it.



Annapurna resting

Taking five

Annapurna - Team

Our excellent team – Puspa the guide and co (soz I can’t remember their names)

Annapurna steep steps

Steep innit

Freezing Waterfall

Frozen Waterfall – Make sure you bring your thermal Y-Fronts because it can get very cold.

JV Mountain

It’s behind you wally brain.


Fishtail mountain which is revered by the locals as sacred to the god Shiva, and is off limits to climbing

Annapurna gang

Hooray we made it. Our very small gang at Annapurna Base Camp.

Here’s a screengrab of some of the photographs I took while on the Annapurna Base Camp Trek:

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 14.50.51

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