Sri Lanka – The first stop on our epic trip around the world

Sri Lanka was the first country we visited on our mammoth trip around the world. I loved Sri Lanka, it’s a beautiful country and the people are very friendly and proud of their country. We were always getting asked what we thought of Sri Lanka by the locals.

Sri Lanka beach

Not another soul on the beach (apart from Serena) and a few washed up jellyfish. Do jellyfish have souls?

Sri Lanka beach

Lovely Sri Lankan beach

Sri Lanka Train

Enjoying the view from the train

Sri Lanka palm trees

Palm Trees in the evening.


Have you ever seen a tree like this?

Whale tail

Whale Spotting

Stuffing my face

Stuffing my face again


Mosquito’s love me and yes it itched like feck.

Sri Lanka train

Dog hassle on the train platform

Here’s a screen grab of some of the photographs I took in Sri Lanka:

Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka - The first stop on our epic trip around the world
Travel Photographer - Jon Vanags writes a short article about his time visiting and photographing Sri Lanka.
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