Hello. I’m Jon Vanags

JVWhen not working in the IT/Web Industry as a Web Project Manager I’m a Travel Photographer.

As a kid I decided I was going to see the world and I have. I’ve been very fortunate. I’ve been to 42 countries so far and hopefully i’ll never stop travelling.

I’ve had some amazing adventures:

Cage diving with Great White Sharks and seeing the big five on Safari in South Africa, trekking through the Himalayas, flying over Mount Everest, travelling down the Amazon river, handling Giant Anaconda’s and exploring the jungles of South America, meeting the Orangutans of Sepilok in Borneo (where I also met David Attenborough), walking on ancient glaciers in Argentina, exploring Machu Picchu, driving around Death Valley and being dwarfed by the giant trees of Sequoia, marvelling at the Taj Mahal and travelling down the Ganges, walking along the Great Wall of China, Whale spotting in Sri Lanka, witnessing Uluru (Ayres Rock) at dawn, flying in a helicopter over Sydney Harbour, walking up Mount Etna and lots, lots more.

I’d like to share my photographs, stories, experiences and knowledge with you here on my blog.

Here’s a taster of some of the photographs available on my portfolio site – JonVanagsPhotography.com


To pay the mortgage I work as a Web Project Management Contractor. This gives me the financial resources and the freedom to indulge in my passion for travel and photography.

This site will hopefully give you an insight into where and how my photographs were taken. Hopefully you’ll learn a bit about photography as well along the way.

My strapline and credo is Going to the places you know, taking the pictures you’ve never seen’.

You won’t find many traditional travel photo’s on my site, there’s thousands of photographers out there that do that. I pride myself on looking at things in a different way.

Each blog piece will provide you with a link back to my portfolio site JonVanagsPhotography.com where you can view and buy photographs and order prints.

I hope you have as much fun reading about my adventures as I did having them.

Cheers, Jon

All snapshots on my site were taken by my partner Serena. (which is why they are a bit out of focus and not very good, only joking, on the whole they aren’t too bad 🙂 )

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Hello. I'm Jon Vanags
Travel Photographer - Jon Vanags writes a short introductory article about his world wide travel, adventures and photographs that are available on JonVanagsPhotography.com.
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You can buy and instantly download all of my photo's at my online gallery here

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