Chile – Pisco Elqui – One of the most beautiful and relaxing places I’ve ever been

Pisco Elqui - Cactus
Posing with a cactus in Pisco Elqui.

Pisco Elqui is a small village in the Andes, located in the beautiful Elqui Valley surrounded by the Andean mountain range. It’s sunny about 300 days a year and really is an oasis of calm.

We arrived there thinking we’d stay for a day or two but ended up staying for over a week.

There was something about this place.

It’s small but it’s got everything you need to relax and unwind. I think we enjoyed it so much because we had been on the go for such a long time, we just needed to find somewhere to take it easy and Pisco Elqui was the perfect place to do that.

JV reading Elle
Look at me, i’m so relaxed reading a copy of Elle magazine in the shade without a care in the world.

JV Cristal
I can also highly recommend drinking an ice cold Cristal Lager while you are there.

Pisco Elqui mooching
You might recognise the art work on the wall in my portfolio.

Here’s a screen grab of some of the photographs I took in Pisco Elqui:

Pisco Elqui screen shot

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