Bolivia, La Paz – Dried Llama foetus anyone?

Bolivia stalking victim

I liked La Paz but it’s very polluted so if you’ve got asthma you’ll be screwed unless you want to walk around in a face mask all day. It’s also 3660 metres above sea level so the air is a lot thinner for us sea level dwellers. La Paz is the worlds highest capital and has a population of approx 850,000.

It’s about 42 miles away from Lake Titicaca which we also went to.

One of the places you really must visit is the Witches’ Market. The Witches’ Market (Mercado de Hechiceria or Mercado de las Brujas) is one of the more unique sights in La Paz where you can buy dried llama foetuses, dried frogs for rituals, as well as aphrodisiac formulas.

Serena potions

Serena buying some potions in the Witches Market

Llama fetuses

Dried Llama foetus sandwich anyone?

LaPaz market

La Paz market place


And you think London’s crowded..

There is also a nice curry house in La Paz called the Taj Mahal. If after several months of travelling without curry you feel you need a fix you could do a lot worse than purchasing a flavoursome curry from the Taj.

I have to say I nearly died from curry withdrawal on this trip. There’s nothing better than a real bowel basher to remind you of home.

On a side note and contrary to popular belief I do own more than one shirt. The shirt i’m wearing in this picture is my favourite shirt, I love wearing it when i’m out on a shoot.  I bought it from H&M in Shanghai, China. I wish I’d have bought two now, i’ve worn it to death and it’s due for retirement. If anyone knows where I can get one similar to it please let me know. I did contact H&M but they told me it had been discontinued.

Here’s a screen grab of some of the photographs I took in Bolivia:


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