Argentina – Perito Moreno Glacier – Just wandering around on a big old glacier

Glacier boat

On the way to the Glacier.


That’s running water beneath the glacier.

JV Perito Moreno Glacier

Everyone should have the chance to wander around on a glacier, it’s quite an experience, especially when massive chunks of it keep breaking off.

Perito Moreno - JV


Perito Moreno Glacier - Drinking Whisky

At the end of the walk we were presented with a big glass of Jameson’s Whiskey complete with shaved ice from the glacier. Just what the Doctor ordered to warm one’s cockles.

Perito Moreno Glacier - JV


JV Glacier

It’s just a very impressive; massive block of ice.

Here’s a screengrab of some of the photographs I took while I was in Argentina:

Argentina screen shot

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Argentina – Penguin stalking


Animals like to attack me. I’ve been chased by a cow, pecked by a penguin, stung by ants, sneezed on by a sheep, pick-pocketed by a monkey, slobbered on by a camel and stared out by a great white shark (the latter was from within a cage but still unnerving nonetheless).

There’s probably more incidents that i can’t quite recall right now.

I was squatting down trying to take pictures of these little fella’s when i felt a rather sharp pain in the side of my leg. One of these guys obviously decided i was getting too close and didn’t mind telling me.

Here’s a screen grab of some of the photographs I took in Argentina:

Penguins screenshot

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