India – One of my favourite countries for many reasons

Chillin in Goa

This was taken in Goa, doing what I do best. Chilling by the sea with a nice cold beer at the end of a long day shooting.


I love hiring a scooter to get around on while i’m scouting for potential stuff to shoot. This was taken in Goa on the day the Americans announced they had killed Bin Laden.

India wedding

This was also taken in Goa on the day of the royal wedding. Note my plastic wedding hat and celebratory beer and biscuits.

Catalogue pose

Doing my famous catalogue pose in a rather nice hotel. My sister came out to India to meet us for a couple weeks so we thought we’d push the boat out a bit. We had an enormous storm the night this picture was taken and the room got flooded, along with most of the hotel which was fun. We did get a splendid discount though. Cheers God.

Bag head

No, I don’t know why either. Just ignore me.