The Great Wall of China is one of the greatest wonders of the world. It snakes across deserts, grasslands,…

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Sri Lanka

It's called the hill country for a reason and the reason is there are lots of hills.... And…

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Boy running | Iquitos | Peru

Iquitos is linked to the outside world by air and by river only. It's the worlds largest city that can't be accessed by…

  • Peru
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Pare | Stop sign | Pisco Elqui | Chile

Posing with a cactus in Pisco Elqui. Pisco Elqui is a small village in the Andes, located in the beautiful Elqui…

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What? I was in the jungle and it was very hot and sticky in there. The accommodation at Bako wasn't very…

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I had a great day visiting this Longhouse in Sabbah, Borneo. One of the joys of travelling around the world is…

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