Introducing Dronecage


Team UAV, a leading drone inspection and survey company based in the United Kingdom have today launched a confined space drone cage solution specific for the DJI Phantom 4 drone – the most widely used drone in the industry.

JV – What a brilliant idea. I had wondered whether something like this would be possible and here it is. Kudos to Team UAV for actually being able to pull it off.

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20% Off – Inspire 1 RAW (Dual Remote)


Inspire 2 is now available: Incredible image quality, power and intelligence to meet the needs of professional filmmakers and enterprises around the globe.

Buy an Inspire 1 RAW and get two extra TB47 Intelligent Flight Batteries free.


JV – I already own a Phantom 4 Pro V2 and next, I’ll be purchasing the Mavic Pro 2 (whenever it makes an appearance) to take with me on my travels.

In the next few months, I’ll be getting my commercial drone pilots licence so I’ll be upgrading to one of the Inspire series of DJI drones which will allow me to offer high-end professional drone film and photography services.

DJI Ronin S – Available now – £669


Superior 3-Axis Stabilization
3.6 kg Tested Payload Capacity 
Camera Control
Pro Accessory Compatibility
Fine Focus Control
Automated Smart Features
Angled Roll Motor

JV – I’m so excited at the prospect of owning one of these beauties. I’ve got the OSMO Mobile 2 and it’s absolutely fantastic. I’m placing my order for the Ronin-S asap. Get yours now!


Argos catalogue reveals unannounced DJI Mavic drone

Details of an unannounced new drone from market leader DJI have been revealed early in the Argos Catalogue.

JV – Oh dear Argos. That said though, DJI was meant to be making a big announcement on 18th July 2018 where we all thought the new Mavic Pro 2 would be unveiled to the world. Poor old Argos have got to get their catalogues (or the ‘little book of dreams’ according to Peter Kay’) printed well in advance of the Mavic Pro 2 becoming available. There’s gonna be a massive rush to get hold of this piece of kit. I know, because I’m in the queue to buy one as soon as they are released.

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Beginners guide to metering and metering modes

Your camera uses ‘metering’ to determine what the correct aperture and shutter speed should be depending on the amount of light that comes into the camera and the ISO.

The three main metering modes on digital cameras are:

Matrix metering – Nikon and Evaluative metering (Canon)
Use this for most of your photography

Centre weighted metering
Evaluates the light in the middle of your frame

Spot metering
Evaluates the light in a very small area of your frame based on where you put your focus point


Here’s three very useful videos that will help you to understand what metering modes are and how to use them:

Beginners guide to camera modes

Digital camera modes allow photographers to control all of the elements of an exposure.


Program (P)

The camera automatically chooses the aperture and shutter speed
(use if you aren’t yet confident in how to set your camera)

Shutter priority (S)

The camera automatically chooses the aperture and you manually set the shutter speed you want
(use for moving objects)

Aperture priority (A)

The camera automatically chooses the shutter speed for you and you manually set the aperture you want
(use to set what you want in focus i.e. if you take a picture of a person you may want to blur the background)

Manual (M)

You take control over all camera settings.


Here’s three videos that will help you to understand what each of the modes on your camera does:

Beginners guide to exposure

It’s extremely important for new photographers to understand what exposure is and how the three main elements – ISO, aperture and shutter speed combine to produce your images.


Here’s three great videos i’ve found that will really help you to understand what exposure is. The more you can understand how to get a good exposure the better your photo’s will be: